söndag 12 maj 2019


Hello there!
I hope there is spring where you are too, or at least that the sun is shining brightly on you - and all is good.

My favourite, have always loved Japanese cherry blossom trees. Too bad the blossoms lasts for such a very short time. They're a piece of art! AND they're pink! 😉

Jumping right into some art journaling spreads:

Yep, I'm very happy that awful January, February, and March is long gone! Loooove spring!
The pic of the bridge is actually a card my mother sent me some years ago. Birds & cutouts are from Daphne's Diary.

Had a 'spacey' day....! Background is gelatos

As I've told numerous times before I feed & water the birds in our garden. They are such a joy. Unbelievably cute! And what beautiful singing now at spring time - birdsong always makes me smile.

Have not used the shrink plastic as you're 'supposed to', just colored them.

Here I am earlier this Sunday, by the guelder rose bush (olvon). One of my favourite scents, aaaah! Sooooo lovely!
The little white thing in the background is a tiny bowl of water for the shy birds! Have two bigger ones on the lawn. 
Quite often a blackbird (koltrast) takes a bath in the largest. Cracks me up every times; looks like he/she really enjoys himself!

While this photo was uploading I actually went to make me a coffee. It's over 4 pm and I've only had one tub of coffee yet - how crazy is that?!
Again gelatos for the background. Cutouts from Daphne's D.

So this is a crazy spread. Many years ago I worked as an aerobic instructor and the fabric flower in the middle is made from one of my favourite 'leotard tops'!!

Just wanted to have a play, and also test out a new pink tempera color from Netto. The rainbow sticker is from Norwegian Vibeke Spigseth, her brand is Poppy Design, and she has loads of cute stuff on her website.

Stickers from Netto. Stems from a Paper Artsy stamp. Stencil from the Belgian company Artemio.

Last spread for now:

Played with distress ink refillers and sprayed water. Bought the big butterflies from Netto a long time ago.

Thank God that my husband forgot to buy cottage cheese yesterday, when he was making a lasagna (I'm a vegetarian)! I quickly hopped into the car and drove to Netto, one of our two local grocery stores. Well holy smokes, they have quite a lot of crafty things this week! YAY! I had to be quick (hubbie waiting!) but I managed to get this haul together:

The designer sheets are one sided, but there're 20 of'em. The white sticker alphas are in brush script. I'd love to learn how to write in my traveler's notebook and junk journal in brush script - it's so cool and beautiful.
Obviously Netto has got more crafty stuff, this is just what I got - verrrry quickly!

Oh, I must show you! Hubby has 3 sons, and they (plus girlfriends) came over for dinner at the Easter holidays. The middle son has a girlfriend who is studying to be a horticultural (we call it garden engineer), and she had made this flower group:

I was so happy, it's absolutely stunning! And of course pink is my favourite color! 
OF COURSE I'm going to use the paper that is wrapped around the pot for my craft - duh!

Seems like Danish Netto may shut down all their stores in Sweden.....😰 Oh noooo, very bad news indeed. Was in a newspaper a few days ago. What a bummer. There're 163 Netto stores in Sweden (mostly in the southern parts of the country), and apparently Coop will buy them. If that's the case there will be no more craft products.

Takes me just over 10 minutes to ride my bike to our local Netto

There are still German Lidl, but the closest Lidl store seldom has 'interesting' products.

Oh well, I guess it's a good thing for all the pure craft store owners. But the worst competition must be Wish and other dubious shopping sites like that. 
I've never buyed anything from Wish, and I sure never will. Find it quite unethical in lots of ways (and especially if it's true what I read; that lots of their products are based on child labor).

So I finally got around to stitching the first junk journal I ever made.

I did two mistakes making it. One was that the width (bredden) of the cover got to short for my (4) inserts (inlagor), so I had to make it wider. Did not have enough of that card stock, hence the pink wide glitter tape...!
I'm nowhere near decorating it inside, so more of this in future blogs.

Maybe you've noticed that I did not write a post since the end of February? Really did not know if I would continue to have a blog at all, but I guess I might after all!

Getting near dinner time, and then we'll probably watch the Netflix series 'Last Kingdom' and the Belgian/Dutch 'Undercover'.
Tomorrow is another episode of 'Game of Thrones' - yay!

We've been to beautiful Old Town Dubrovnik four times. Quite a bit of GoT is filmed in this gorgeous Croation town.

Take care out there!


onsdag 20 februari 2019


Hej hej dÀrute!
Hoppas ni mÄr bra, skapar och har massor med inspiration. Sitter och fryser denna onsdag fm och var just "tvungen" att gÄ och göra mig en balja vaniljkaffe. Ett par vÀrmeljus lyser upp mitt skrivbord. Ingen snö hÀr i södra Sverige, vilket jag tycker Àr ganska skönt!

För ganska sÄ exakt ett Är sedan

Mars 2018

TĂ€nkte skriva pĂ„ svenska idag, var nog lĂ€nge sedan sist!  😏

Ni som har en Netto att tillgÄ, har ni varit dÀr nyligen? Droppade in förra veckan och hittade till min glÀdje en massa tejp. Har dille pÄ washitejp numera!

BĂ„de washi-, glitter- ....

..... och glansig tejp!

I denna del av landet finns en butik som heter Smart Buy, som har allt möjligt. Även lite "bas" pyssel till billiga priser.

DĂ€r finns massor med A4 glitterark, har aldrig tidigare sett det i sĂ„ mĂ„nga fĂ€rger! 
AkrylfÀrg finns i basfÀrgerna och ritblock med olika tjocklek pÄ pappret. Det ovan kostar 25 kr. Ska bland annat printa ut figurer pÄ det till art journaling och junk journaling.

Har mest sysslat med min första junk journal (JJ) pÄ sistone, sÄ det har bara blivit ett art journal spread:

Glömde sĂ„klart att dra med ett vĂ€rmeljus över ytorna som Ă€r mĂ„lade lila, sĂ„ nĂ€r jag la ihop boken klibbade sidorna samman. 😩 Detta Ă€r dock ett spread som jag gjort om, frĂ„n början hade jag mĂ„lat med gelĂ©kritor i olika fĂ€rger över bĂ€gge sidorna. Nu kom dessa underliggande fĂ€rger fram, men jag bestĂ€mde mig för att betrakta det som en 'happy accident'. Tycker det ser lite konfetti liknande ut.

Annars har jag stÀmplat, punchat, mÄlat och haft mig med the inserts till min JJ.

Denna solros stÀmpel kom med en brittisk pysseltidning för nÄgra Är sedan.

Kannan och koppen frÄn ett stÀmpel set jag köpte i Prag för ett par Är sen.

Vellum ark (gjort pockets pÄ insidorna), rospappret kom med nÄgon slags reklampost och jag ska göra en ficka (tuck spot) av den, och de stora doilies:arna ska ocksÄ bli sidor i JJ.

Jag tycker blommor Àr som ett litet konstverk i sig sjÀlv

Oj oj oj, solen har minsann kommit ut, sÄ trefveligt! Alltid lika vÀlkommen. Allting blir liksom lite lÀttare nÀr den strÄlar pÄ nÄgot vis.

Snaaaart hoppas jag!

Fortsatt trevlig vecka pÄ er!


fredag 1 februari 2019


Hi out there!
It's a new month and I sure am glad about that. I find January the worst month of the year, at least where I live in the south of Sweden. Raw cold (live close to the sea), windy, rainy and generally dreary. The light is slowly coming back though, hooray to that! 
Here the day has become 1 hour & 34 min longer, up in the north 3 hrs & 28 min longer.  🌞

Last week husband & I spent four days in the cottage. We drove to the nearest town to get more food, and also took the opportunity to visit the local Dollarstore. Got a few bits & bobs from there.

Wide glitter tape. Always come in handy in a bullet journal or a traveler's notebook (or maybe you'd like it for your Christmas cards?)

The roll to the left is not washi but actually patterned silver tape, but it works fine for crafting too, I've tried it!

Dollarstore has lots of inexpensive canvases, acrylic paints, notebooks, albums, storage and more.

Quite a bit of snow at the cottage.

View from kitchen window

When we left last Monday it was 2½ dm (9,8 inches) of snow (but we did get the car out, phew!).

A nearby lake

When in nearest town we also made a stop at Netto. 

Already got this flowery black stationary & envelopes, but I'm going to make a journal (like a mini album sort of) out of the envelopes so I got another pack. 
There're 10 envelopes in each pack. 

The stationary will go in my junk journal (that I haven't stitched yet...).  😏

I've made a Memory Book from our trip to Tallinn in Estonia in August, and printed out lots of photos in varying sizes, and it was so much fun that I'll probably do more of this in the future - hence the photo paper.

I've yet to write on this spread

I wrote about the beautiful Memory Books from Vibeke Spigseth in 2016: here
Also wrote about the beautiful city of Tallinn: here!  (they've got craft stores!!).

Did a couple of art journal spreads:

Background is the silk paper that I showed in my last blog post. Cutouts from Daphne's Diary

Different blue acrylics, and I've used metallic tempera color through a stencil for the snowflakes (that are barely visible). Cutouts from Stamperia cardstock.

Get so happy listening to lots of birds chirping outside in the garden, such a happy sound! Before I started on today's blog I went out to change the water in their bowls (they use them a lot!), and made sure there are enough food in the 3 feeders.

I sure look forward to spring. Imagine the lovely sunshine, multicolored flowers, the Japanese cherry blossom trees (in May), the lovely scent of things growing, having coffee out in the sun.... Aaaaaah!

This photo is from 'Silent City' Mdina on Malta


In a couple of months perhaps. Can't wait!

Wish there were no January and that May were twice as long...!!

I hope that some of the tips in today's post could be useful to you. If nothing else, the doublesided tape is a real bargain (2 rullar för 30 kr, en rulle Àr 10 meter)!

Trevligt fredagsmys pÄ er
and have a lovely inspiring weekend!