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Hello out there!

Daisies by our cottage

I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Thankfully it's not as hot here in Sweden as it was last year. The intense heat without any rain got dangerous for both humans and the poor animals. 
Of course I still go on changing water daily for "my" sweet birds in the garden. Will never get enough of watching when a blackbird is taking a bath in an old plastic icecream container.  😄 They look so intensively happy!

There're lots of digitalis purpurea (fingerborgsblomma) outside the cottage in June. I like having a coffe outside watching the bumblebees fly in & out of the flowers

Hope your summer is what YOU want it to be. I know a lot of people here don't like summer because they feel this time of year comes with lots of requirements. Like you "have to" be outside a lot, you "have to" go to barbecue parties, you "have to" go to the beach, you "have to" get a tan, bla bla flipping bla. Feeling guilty being inside if the weather is good.
Well actually you don't have to do anything you don't really want to just because the sun is shining. I'm way past this. If I want to sit inside crafting when it's warm & lovely outside, I craft! Only you know what makes you the happiest. Do what makes you happy!  💙

Speaking of crafting - this wonderful hobby that I simply couldn't live without. Made some bargains since I last blogged. Every year hobby store Panduro has summer sales. It started June 4th and lasts as long as they've still got products, but no longer than August 7th. About two & a half more weeks. On some products it's 70% off! 

Actually did not buy that much this time. Been quite obsessed with napkin decoupage, so varnish always come in handy  😊

Have also done a lot of stamping on old book pages lately, and then coloring the images. I really enjoy that, and love the look of the finished piece

June 20th, 8.30 pm outside the cottage

If you're thinking of starting a bullet journal, Netto has had a starting kit. My local Netto still has it. This might be a good idea if you are not sure you may like 'bujo' (bullet journaling), or if you're not sure you might keep it up.

The grey thing is the journal, A5 format with dot grid pages. The kit is 119 Swedish kronor, like 11.30 euro. 
Some of the wellknown brands that does bullet journals can be from 200 - 250 kronor. So if you're a complete beginner this kit could be a good start.

Bought this in Nettto a couple of weeks ago:

As I mentioned I'm a napkin decoupage fanatic...!

Really enjoy this beautiful book, has loads of flowers in different colors, journaling cards, lists, tag shapes and more. I will scan some of the flowery pics and print them out on thick watercolor paper. 60 Swedish kronor in Netto (€ 5,70).

My local Netto will be open until January next year, then unfortunately Coop takes over  😞

This was taken just after the Midsummer holiday, on June 23 at 9.40 pm

I finally did it; bought a copy of 'Flow book for paper lovers'!

It really is packed with goodies, that I'll be able to use in my current junk journal, and other journals to come! Flow is Dutch, but all words are in English.
Haven't watched the video, but I saw that there's a Youtuber that has done a video on this particular issue.
The book is really thick and contains beautiful paper, stickers of all sorts, stationary, labels and much more. It's a gem!

The Danish store 'Flying Tiger' is all over the place these days. To my big surprise they even had structure paste when I was last in there!! AND traveler's notebooks!! YAY!

Didn't buy the travel kit with all the tiny bottles in it to use for travels, but I wanted it as storage for some of my stickers! Very inexpensive!

If you're into junk journals like me, it's always a good idea to go have a look in charity shops. Found this gem in a Swedish charity store called Erikshjälpen:

Was actually looking for old music paper, but I kind of run straight into this! Brilliant for my junk journal!! You can either rip out pages from the book or scan them, and then use for signatures in your junk journal. Beautiful!

Have only been doing one single art journal spread since I last wrote - I'm so into junk journaling, and I also bujo.  😜

The girl & greenery on the left side is cutouts from a mindfulness coloring book, and 2 of the flowers on the right hand side is Paper Artsy stamps and the other 2 also coloring book cutouts.

There are so many great tutorials on Youtube it's almost crazy! Great place to go if you have lost your inspiration. No matter if you are into art journals, traveler's notebooks, mixed media, scrapbooking, junk journaling, cardmaking, bujo, doodling, altering, you name it - there are videos you can watch! And you can watch it any time of day. I think it's a fantastic source!

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend, with some fun, opportunities to relax - and some creation!

Sunrise at 4.35 am the other morning

All the best to you!  💚

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