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Hello out there!
How are you doing now in the end of summer? The intense burning hot weather seems to have come to and end in Sweden. I've never experienced such heat the whole summer before in my entire life. 
Yesterday it was raining buckets most of the day. September is around the corner!

Sunday evening we got back from a long weekend in Estonia (Estland). My husband & I had never been there before. We stayed in Tallinn for three nights. What a wonderful city this is, absolutely beautiful. Would not mind at all visiting again!
Two years ago at the same time of year, we visited Riga in Latvia. Also a very beautiful place.

Really like the whole atmosphere in Tallinn. Fantastic old facades of the houses in Old Town, where we were staying at a hotel named Cru. That building is from the 15th century!!

Tallinn Old Town

Day after arrival was my birthday. The present from my beloved husband was to go to a craft store, that we had googled before we got to Estonia! YEY!  😄
The little shop, SCRAPBOOKER is about 15 minutes walk from Old Town. It's on the 6th floor at the WTC Business Center (i ett kontorskomplex). The shop is located in a medium sized room in this tall building. The place has an intercom that you have to use before entering the building. 

There is also a craft store named Arte, but if I got it right that shop is about 30 minutes drive from Tallinn, so we did not go there.

Not really a good idea to google 'craft stores' if you're looking for scrapbooking, mixed media, etc, since there are lots of handicraft shops in Tallin! Watch out if you're after scrapbooking shops in Estonia, so you don't get to a place wishing to buy scrapbooking papers & stuff, and instead you find knitted cardigans, things made from wool, pieces of wood craft, etc. 


I believe the nice lady who owns the shop is named Ingrid. She doesn't speak English, but she's very helpful & friendly so it worked out just fine anyway.

Usually don't buy things from popular Californian brand Prima, since I find them too pricey. Like ridiculously expensive! But here some of the Prima products had reduced price.

3,60€ instead of 6 euros

In this Prima 'St Tropez' bag was some 'plastic' diecuts....

... but also ephemera paper pieces. Reduced price.

The puffy Prima stickers to the left is also the collection 'St. Tropez' by designer Frank Garcia. Like the scooter!

The purple stickers is from the Polish brand Studio Forty, collection Moonchild
I've checked out their web site and boy do they have wonderful stuff!!
If I'd bought the stickers from Studio Forty they would cost €1,40 instead of €2  😁

Prima stickers, 'Lavender'

This kit is called 'My Prima planner inspiration' (design from 2017). Lots of beautiful stuff in this pack. The little teal (blÄgröna) thing at the bottom (Don't count the days, make them count) is a tab (en sorts klÀmma) for your journal.

Journaling cards, Santorini (the Greek group of islands!)

One of the 15 designs in the notecards pad

Classical Santorini pic!!

More beautiful stuff made in POLAND, by LemonCraft!

Ephemera cards (LD-YES02) from LEMONCRAFT, two different sizes. 
In Tallinn €2,90, if you buy them from lemoncraft.pl it's €2,35  😊

From wellknown Italian brand Stamperia:

Sooooo beautiful ricepaper for decoupage (even my husband really likes it!)!

And lastly some real gems that I adore:

A traveler's notebook and two art journals. Hooray! These beauties are also a Polish brand: PIATEK13. Thick white blank paper inside, exactly what I wanted! How I wish that this little store in Tallinn had more traveler's notebooks...!

Backsides. Really good quality paper. These make me so happy! 
Started 'working' in traveler's notebooks like three-four weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoy it. Can't wait to start working in these beauties!

I would recommend anyone to visit lovely Tallinn. So much history in this city. Friendly people and very good food. We ate in several places that's in medieval buildings, the staff wore contemporary clothes! 
The places just oozes charm. Very good for the soul!

Next blog post (in a couple of days) will be about Tallinn. I took lots of photos...!!

The oldest café in all of Estonia! What a piece of art the ceiling is!

An art journal spread I did last week

Cut out the parasol and flowers from some magazine, and the ballet shoes are from Daphne's Diary. Background distress inks. Diecuts from Sizzix, 'Writing desk'. The diecut bar on the right edge from Xcut.

The best airport I've ever been to in Tallinn. Just check out this very cool doors to the loo!!

Well that was all from my scrap haul in Tallinn!

Wish you all an inspiring and creative week.  

Speaking of inspiring, check out the websites of the Polish craft companies:  Lemoncraft, Piatek13 and Studio Forty (or maybe not since it might drive You crazy seeing all those goodies...!)!

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