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Helloooo out there - or TERE as in the Estonian language!

I hope your week started out fine. This Monday I'll write a part about our trip to Tallinn. What a lovely place!
We left on Thursday August 23rd, for a long weekend. It's less than 1½ hrs flight. Time difference between Sweden and Estonia is one hour.

The airport is near the city center, was quite a short taxi ride.

My husband had booked us into this fantastic hotel, CRU. 
Old Town Tallinn is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. 

Cru is from the 15th century, one of the oldest houses in Tallinn. This medieval hotel may look small from the front, but it's not! Has sort of like a maze (labyrint) of corridores in the back, 15 rooms althogether. 
Lots of beams and thick whitewashed walls. So much character.
The place just oozes charm!  💙

Helt underbart charmigt hotell från 1400-talet!

Cru also have a restaurant, with award winning chefs.  👍

A piece of Old Town

There's a city wall around Old Town. Work on the wall first began in 1265!!

The wall is 1,9 km with 20 defensive towers.

The walls were enlarged in the 14th century

Knights and damsels...!
(tänk vilka tappra riddare och ungmör i nöd som kan ha varit här!)!

In Old Town are fantastic restaurants in medieval settings. One of them is 'Olde Hansa'. The name has its roots in old German and mean 'the old tribe'.

"Everything that you see, hear, taste or touch, has been made by the role models of 15th century, so the traveling visitor entering the house will find themselves in the wheel of time..."

Needless to say it's very popular!

I've had to crop also this photo quite a lot, since there're always lots of people walking by (and they might not appreciate appearing in a Swede's blog!)!

First day in Tallinn we went to Olde Hansa's outdoor seating in the afternoon. I had a lovely pear cider and bread made by beans, with melted cheese. Was lovely!

Woaaah, looks lite a medieval female ghost!!

I like that the staff is wearing medieval clothes

All the males wore shoes like these ones!

Beautiful medieval musical pieces   (I had permission to photograph them)

From Aug 25th

Mural inside Olde Hansa

Husband booked a table here in the evening for my birthday which was Friday. The restaurant has three floors (300 seats!!), we were on the 3rd.

Not much electrically lights!

Had a delicious vegetarian dish. Made me happy to realize that lots of places in Tallinn actually has both vegetarian and vegan choices.
I've been a vegetarian for many years, and often when I eat out in Sweden, they've such boring veg dishes. Mostly they just cover the plate in broccoli (which I fricking hate), zucchini (yaaaawn) and onion (which I can't eat without getting really ill)...! 
Well let me tell you, Estonians really can cook! WOW! We had amazing food during our four days in Estonia. Hat off for Estonian chefs!

Before we left home we'd watched episodes of 'Tareq Taylors nordiska matresa' on SVT Play, and in two of them he's in Estonia. This famous Swedish chef noticed how skilled Estonian chefs are, and that many of them uses locally produced food, to cook their dishes with love.

Old Town Tallinn

Loads of beautiful facades

As I wrote in my last blog we went to a craft store (scrapbooking & more) on my birthday. On the way over there were LOTS of flower shops!

 So inexpensive flowers, wish we could have brought them on the plane!

Oooooh, so many beauties!

In the store 'Scrapbooker'

So this was the first part of our stay in fabulous Tallinn. There's so much more to see in this lovely town and I'll continue in my next blog post.

This is my 140th blog post. I started this blog in September 2016. Even if I don't blog daily, it's been quite a few words - and photos - since then!

Have a fantastic week ya' all!

Drawing by Anu Mötshärg        


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