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Wohooo, it's hot this September Tuesday! 25° degrees here in the south of Sweden. Lovely! 
Just watched a happy magpie taking a bath in one of the boxes with water that I've had in the garden since May. Just love watching the birds splashing about.   🐦

Back to Tallinn. Should have written this blog several days ago, but I'd a horrible time last week, with lots of pain. When suffering from Ehlers-Danlos lots of things that you plan doesn't happen in time (or at all...!). It's bloody annoying! 
Oh well, back on my feet, so here we go!

Old Town, Tallinn

The beautiful Russian-orthodox cathedral Alexander Nevskij, som ligger på Domberget

(taken Aug 24th -18)

So impressive! The cathedral was built 1894 - 1900.

Inside this magnificent building it's like a fantastic piece of art. Not allowed to take photos inside, so I can't show you the splendor. It's huge!

One of the best preserved medieval old city walls in the whole world in fantastic Tallinn!!

Många trevliga promenadstråk i gamla stan

At Danish King's garden. The statue represents a monk in medieval times. 
Muröppningen mot Dombergets kyrkor.

"Danish King's Garden is just next to Toompea, on the slope facing St. Nicholas Church. According to an old legend, this is the spot where a flag descended from the sky during Danish invasion; this flag turned the course of the battle in favour of King Valdemar II. Later, the flag became the national flag of Denmark; sculpture Tuli lipp ('The Flag Descended') is about this legend.

There are also other legends about this garden; however, it was the Danish reign that lasted for over a century in Tallinn and Northern Estonia that gave the name to the garden".

Source: Estonia official tourist site

A view up from the Danish King's garden
(måste ofta beskära bilderna då det nästan är omöjligt att kunna fota utan att människor är "i vägen"!)   😊

Was really HOT this Aug 24th, so after being up at the cathedral (up hill, felt it in my thighs and butt haha, good exercise!), we parked ourselves at an open-air place, named Karl. 
This is Town Square, or Raekoja plats in Estonian (Rådhusplatsen in Swedish!).

Several restaurants & cafés are located around the square.....

.... as you can tell here!

This cheese platter was delicious, let me tell you! 
It was my birthday, and two years ago we ordered the same thing in Riga, Latvia, in the afternoon. Yum!
Also had an enormous glass of refreshing pear cider!  

Wrote in my last blog that we had dinner at Olde Hansa that Friday evening.

Menues in all sorts of languages in this charming medieval restaurant!

Olde Hansa has three floors (the place was packed this Friday in Aug), but they've also got outdoor seating.

Mentioned our hotel CRU in my last blog, and here I'd like to show you some photos from this delightful building.

Door to our room

Love this oldfashion style!

Very comfortable beds indeed (as we all know that is all too often not the case)! Slept like a baby!

Really like quirky features like these small woodens steps to get down to the bathroom (the tub was huge!)!

Went downstairs in the mornings....

.... to have a delicious breakfast in here.

Cru hotel in Old Town (som är från 1400-talet!)

Swedish embassy!

Svenska ambassaden

Old Town Tallinn is a fantastic place to just stroll around in, and as I've mentioned before the people are nice & friendly.

There will have to be a part 3 of this Tallinn posts, still have more to show you (like the oldest café in Estonia!).

I hope you have possibilities to enjoy the warm sunny weather today.
Hopefully it will not take me as long to post part three!

(From a restaurant close to my home in Sweden)

I'll probably go to our cottage in the woodlands for a few days. Time to pack lots of watercolor pencils & markers again!

Have a lovely week ya' all!  💜

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