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Should have written this last part about Tallinn weeks ago, but as we all know life does not always turn out the way we plan.

Oh well, better late than never - so here goes!

In the previous Tallinn blog I mentioned an old café, Maiasmokk Kohvik. Check out this grand interior:    

Kohvik is Estonian for café.
Unfortunately impossible to photograph without any people in the pic. The place is very popular, bit of a tourist trap!

Maiasmokk is from 1864! The ceiling is breathtaking.  

               The interior has been the same for an entire century!

Very original feature! I've never ever before seen a ferris wheel made out of cups, saucers and spoons!
For those of you who are crafters: this is steampunk!!

Thought this was whipped cream but it was meringue - it's a pavlova...!   

                                        Town hall square

                             Same square, Raekoja plats in Estonian

Another visit at Olde Hansa, for a warm appledrink with ginger. Husband tried the honey beer (he did NOT like it!). Enjoyed the medieval music.

In the evening this last Saturday in August we went to the fantastic restaurant Peppersack.

Peppersack is located like opposite of Olde Hansa. Medieval quarters!

Även denna restaurang i samma område. Gillar verkligen det gamla och genuina.

Like many other old buildings in Old Town, Peppersack oozes charm.

Our table, looooooved it!

Interior feature. Peppersack is from the 14th century! Loved everything about this place!

Excuse the poor pic quality. Did I have too much of the refreshing pear cider this day......?!

Here a starter; juustuvalik 2-le, cheeseplatter for two. It was SO good!
Also had a fantastic vegetarian dinner. We could not believe how fast the fantastic waitress M-L was!

"Our" street, Viru, we stayed at the lovely hotel Cru

From the 13th century!

Hotel interior, just outside our room

A cute boutique in Old Town Tallinn.....

.... and a nearby café.

Did not know that I happened to catch a balloon when I took this picture!

Market place by a part of the wall

I recommend anyone who has a chance to visit this beautiful charming city to go!

Our four days in this amazing city is over, time to go to the Lennart Meri airport. For sure the coziest airport I've ever been to (and it has the second best Wi-Fi service in the world!)!

Glad that I needed to go to the loo before take-off. Check out these doors:

Have you ever seen toilet doors like this before?!

Haha ha, love the lipstick!

So darn cute!

And of course purple (and pink) is my favourite color!

                                       Bye bye, sweet Estonia!

Wish you all a great week to come!

Next time I'll write a travel blog it will be about Dubrovnik!


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