söndag 11 november 2018


Hello hello!  😃
Hope you all had/have a fantastic weekend, with both fun and relaxation.

This Sunday afternoon husband & I dropped in at Netto - the Danish discount store (small supermarket), located in big parts of Sweden, Germany, Poland (and Denmark obviously!). 
Turned out to be a very good idea! Haven't really found anything interesting crafty stuff there for a long time, fortunately today was different.

These kinds of very inexpensive diecuts....

.... sold in these bags. I've got several diecuts & stickers from Prima, and I honestly don' find that big of a difference (except for the price!)!  

I use A LOT of glue! This bottle of the same type of glue I usually use (vitt skollim), was only 40 Swedish kronor for half a litre! I usually pay more for only 100 ml!

The black stationary (brevpapper) with beautiful flowers will be used in my Traveler's Notebook.

Really like the cute Christmas stickers.  🎄

Glittery sort of washi tape, much used in my TN. Netto had more colors than these ones (gold, red, orange, blue).

Stencils - YAY! 🙋 Comes in a pack of 3 for 30 Swedish kronor! Could hardly believe it! 

Maybe I'll finally get the inspiration to make Xmas cards?! Haven't made a single on yet.....

Love-love-love it! My local Netto had a third kind with lots of snowflakes.

They also had other craft stuff that I did not buy. Like glittery alpha stickers, other Christmas stickers, paint brushes, all sorts of canvases including circle shaped, and more. So you might want to have a look if there's a Netto in your area.

Netto used to be in the U.K until 2011, then British Asda bought up all the stores (Asda is owned by American Walmart). 

Some art journal spreads:

Cutouts from magazine Daphne's Diary. Background stencil from SĂžstrene Grene (= "The Grene sisters"). 
The banners on the left upper page is from a series of circus themed CS:s, that I got from a friend.

When husband & I was sorting through stuff in the garden shed, we found a box full of old stamps. Decided to use them in my craft. Background made with gelatos. Most of the stickers are old ones from Netto. Got the 3D balloon with flowers in a happy mail from London.

Purple and green Paper-Soft-Color from Viva Design. Used an old leaf Easy Punch, for masking. Cutouts from Daphne's Diary. Word stickers old ones from Netto.

Last weekend we also cleared out the sauna (basically used as a storage place...), and in a box I found one of my very first reading books!

Used to love this series when I was like 6 - 7 yrs old! 😊 Think I might use the pages in a scrap journal.

Since the last blog husband put up two more feeders in the garden, of a different kind (haven't photographed them yet). Looove watching the cute tiny birds.

Good thing they now have 3 feeders to chose from, since they sometimes quarrelled (brÄkade) over the space!!

Wish you a wonderful inspiring week!

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