söndag 6 januari 2019


Hello dear reader, wherever in the world you may be!  
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that 2019 will be a fabulous year for You, filled with inspiration and creativity. 💜

We were in the cottage for five days during Christmas. For once it was actually snow on December 24th!! YAY!

Does not happen often in the south Sweden, last time was 2010.

Was very relaxing to sit inside the wooden cottage, with a blazing fire, coloring with my markers.

Yesterday I finally managed to get to the sales at Panduro. They've got 50% off on chosen products, until January 31st.

Here's my small haul (= byte):

Wanted one of these for quite some time, but I think they're too pricey, so 50% off was great
(3 inches är 7,62 cm och det är måttet på den utstansade cirkeln tvärs över).
Many of you might've had this punch for ages!

Shakin stickers (kind of epoxy like, but it's plastic) for next Christmas. 
Out of space 3d stickers (love space theme!).
Diecuts to paint. Who doesn't like fairys?!  🔮

I've become crazy with washi tape since I started crafting in traveler's notebooks, and now also bullet journaling.

More space motives!  😊


These pens were not 50% off.....

.... but Panduro always seem to have 3 for the price of 2 on Poscas. White ones are good for many things, but they sure come in handy when I mess up in my newly set up bullet journal!

That's it from my Panduro purchases for this time.

When at the cottage we went to the nearest town once, and I found this silk paper at Ica Maxi:

Love the print. 29,90 Swedish kronor

.... and 10 kr for these ones! I'll use some of the templates in the bullet journal. Ica Maxi called them 'ritmallar'.

Christmas Day 2018

Bought this a couple of months ago in Panduro

More about BuJo (bullet journaling) in the future. Just wanted to mention that I happily wrote with a light blue marker on several pages, and noticed too late that it was bleeding through to the next page...... 
Probably Tombow markers are the very best for such thin pages, but I don't have them.

Tried to fix it by adding torn paper over the bleeding   😜

Not finished with the setup at all yet, so more about this in blogs to come.

Lastly a couple of art journals:

I'm a sucker for glitter! The stencil is a former purchase from Panduro

Some of the coloring I did with markers in the cottage. 
Background metallic paint (tempera) is from Netto.

Christmas Eve

The day is now quarter of an hour longer here in the south, since winter solstice. Keep it up! 🌞 🌝 🌞

Wishing you a great creative week for now!
All the best,


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