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Hi there everyone,
I hope you're having a great, creative, sunny week. I've started painting in the book I wrote about in my last blog, and it sure is so much fun! Colours makes me happy!

Two weeks ago my husband and I were in Dubrovnik. Croatia is such an unbelievably beautiful place, and Old Town Dubrovnik (King's Landing!) is just magic. 
I've blogged about it May 8th and May 10th, and also last year:
 Old Town Dubrovnik

15 minutes by boat from Dubrovnik, you can get to the lovely island of Lokrum, a nature reserve. It's located only 600 metres from Dubrovnik. Boat trips are 120 kuna/person. 
We went on May 3rd, it's our second time on Lokrum. Parts of 'Game of Thrones' were filmed on this small island. It represented the city of Qarth.
Peacocks and rabbits are all over the place, side by side. They're all so cute!

Look at those colours!

We started to feed them with sunflower seeds, but that is just way to small for these big birds. Later we moved on to apple pieces, and they just loved it.

This is a male peacock 'dancing' before a female who was close by. All the open feathers are vibrating.

Not always easy to impress the females, this poor guy had a really tough job!!

This in in the spot where some filming of GoT went on

If you've watched the popular American fantasy series you might recognize this (me in the far back)

They're really kind creatures (I usually have a phobia for big birds, mostly owls, but no fear at all for these lovely ones)

And old couple?!


"What's up?"!

"Hellooooo, could I have some alone time here (bloody tourists)?"


The dark blue spots on the turquoise dots are heart shaped!!

Never noticed these 'hearts' before, so pretty!

They're beautiful - and they know it!!

I was so overwhelmed with the peacocks that I forgot to take pics of the cute rabbits on the island......

Many crafters likes to paint peacocks. I haven't "dared" yet, but two years ago I did this - very busy! - card with a stencil
Som sagt, inte de mest stilfulla minimalistiska kortet i världen...!

Stencil from UK company Imagination Crafts Stencil Template
(there's a smaller peacock on the same stencil)

One of these days I'll paint a peacock from one of my photos. I hope they can be a help to you aswell.

Dubrovnik ("King's Landing") taken from the top of the island of Lokrum.

I'll be writing a special blog about all the GoT sites soon.

Happy crafting to you all!

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