fredag 27 juli 2018


Good afternoon!
How are you doing this Friday? In Sweden it's still scorching.... It's going to be a historic summer - not in a good way. Been on my bike to the shops, and now relaxing with a cold drink. Orange, kiwi, ginger and lots of ice. Yummy!

Bought fruits, and I've just chopped up a nectarine on a paper plate for the hedgehogs (and birds perhaps). Already changed the water bowls in the garden three times, for "my little animals". All so cute, especially the sparrows, like tiny bouncing balls! 
They need all the help they can get in this burning hot weather.

So I got back from a week in Wales, Thursday a week ago. Husband & I flew to Gatwick, rented a car and drove around Wales. I've posted 3 blogs about Wales prior to this blog. Such a beautiful little country, with just over 3 million inhabitants.

By Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Since I'm a subscriber to Loulou Purple, I knew before leaving Sweden where I could find a craft store in Wales! 
We got to the VERY charming little market town of Dolgellau after four days in Wales. It's in the north west. Could not believe what a lovely charming place this is, full of character.

Craft store Loulou Purple is in the centre, easy to find. Met the lovely Louise in there, I've heard her voice many times before on Youtube!! Great to see her IRL!

Loulou Purple in Eldon Sqare

Lots of interesting stuff in her cosy shop!

Seen these fabulous stamps on Youtube, but never had any stamps from PaperArtsy myself. Love-love-love 'em!   đŸ˜‹

I stood there for quite a while...!!

Seen the acrylic journal block on YT videos aswell - was high up on my wish list!
Also a preloved (anvÀnd tidigare, vilket inte stör mig), beautiful stamp from American brand Heartfelt Creations.

I might be the only crafter in the world (?!!) who doesn't buy stuff off the internet. 
Never had any Archival ink pads, but really want it since they're waterproof (= vattenfasta)
Memento ink pads that I've got is 'alcohol friendly', and great when you use markers. Now I can stamp with Archival ink and paint with my watercolor pencils & waterbrush without any smearing.  👍

If you haven' seen Louise's YT videos yet check it out. She often uses fun techniques.

Did you know there're about 600 castles in Wales!!

This one is in Chepstow, where we first started out

A few days later we drove to the city of Cardiff. Visited a W.H Smith shop (bookstores that are all over the U.K), and found this gem:

Some art journals from wellknown crafty brands are ridiculously expensive in my opinion. Love this, and it was for a good price 
(ca 115 kr).

A pocket on the first side

The pages are thick, which I like

Have never been interested in stickers before, but since I'm about to start using a Traveler's Notebook, I'll be collecting them now!
Found the glittery tags at a store called Clintons, in a huuuuuuge shopping arcade in Cardiff.

The castle in Cardiff. Went inside, it was beautiful

The last but one day we went back to the quaint little town of Chepstow. They've got a pound shop on the main street...!! Of course I had to check it out. 😍

They'd loads of stickers! Will come in handy for my TN

For a relative

Also got these beautiful paper bags

Will fussy cut the images out and use in my art journal

Little town of Llangollen

Can't wait to start using my new Welsh goodies! Have not been crafting as much as I usually do though since we got back. The heat upstairs is almost unbearable, I'm sure it's over +40°C here by my computer.... My brain is starting to fry again!! I better come to an end before I start writing lots of grammatic oddities, etc.  đŸ˜”

The latest art journal in my "decoupage book" with handmade paper, that I got in Malta.
Zebra is the symbol for the disease of the connective tissue that I've got; Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Got this lovely napkin from a friend in London.

All for now. Later this Friday one of my favourite series is on the telly, 'Poldark'. At the same time there'll be a lunar eclipse (blodmÄne) at 9.15 pm! Must have a look at that, it's supposed to be prolonged - longest of the century!!

Wish you all a happy weekend!

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  1. Den hÀr kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  2. So glad you enjoyed your time in Wales. Hope you enjoy playing with all your new crafting goodies...Happy Crafting...Louise...Louloupurple.

  3. THANK you, Louise! I just wished we had known before how FANTASTIC Dolgellau is, then we would have stayed there for at least 24 hrs. Both my husband & I agree it was the most lovely place of all, during our lovely week in Wales. Loooooove my new crafty bits from Loulou Purple!!