mÄndag 2 juli 2018


Hello creative people!
The tropical heat continues in Sweden. Lovely with the sun, but I find it difficult to fall asleep at night sometimes. Oh well, soon enough the climate will change again, so better not grumble about it!   đŸ˜› 

Was out for a ride on my bike a while ago this beautiful day.

The sea is so 'glittery' in the sun

Feel very fortunate to have this so nearby  
(but due to the EDS I don't get out as often as I should)

Been creating quite a lot lately, both in my art journal but also making some cards for challenges.

Since it's so hot I decided to do a 'cool' kind of frosty spread! Polar bears from magazine Daphne's Diary, ink pad is Archival Brilliance 'platinum planet'. Swirly stamp is Sassafras 'Sweet serendipity'. Square & circle from a Stamperia CS.

I used to have house bunnies. Absolutely adorable! 💙 
Bunny stickers from Daphne's D. Stencil from Panduro. Leafy diecut from Rayher (use that a lot!).

Blue glitter on top of blue metallic color as background. Then as you probably can see cutouts from a mindfulness coloring book.

There are more & more coneflowers (Rudbeckia) in the garden. Kind of suitable since this flower is actually named after an ancester (who lived 1630 - 1702) to my husband!

A 6x6" card (15x15 cm). Again the birds are from Daphne's! I scanned them onto water color paper, and used Inktense pencils to color them. Stencil in the background is Belgian Artemio. Little banner with quote on from Netto.

Another 6x6". Background is made from mists, and the circles with gelatos. Blingy bits are from Netto.

For the background on this bigger card I've painted with different mists. Beachy stickers from Netto. The gate is from Prima, designed by fabulous Norwegian Ingvild Bolme (who I met three years ago). 

I'm not the kind of person that lay on the beach to soak up the sun, but this was fun to do.

Lots of lavender aswell in the garden - looove all the purple!

Bumblebees enjoys them aswell!

Got a little something from Netto this Monday:

Quite tiny, just under 15 x 15 cm!

Check out the cool 'bubbly' car!   

There're 4 themes for these books. So I got 'Summer', but there's also 'Sweets', 'Fantasy' (unicorns and stuff), and mandalas. Inexpensive and easy to bring along when going on vacation.

In 2016 there were loads of apples on the little tree in the garden. Last year there were hardly any at all. Looks like it's going to be a great year for apples again this summer!

Just watched a bird drink from one of the three water bowls I keep in the garden (I make sure to change the water at least once a day). They look so darn cute when they hop forward on both legs, like a bouncing ball! Got to help the poor creatures out in this heat.

After being hosed down with water the other day

Wish all of you creatives a wonderful week!


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