torsdag 21 juni 2018


Hello there crafters,
I hope you're all having a lovely time. This Thursday it is summer solstice (sommarsolståndet), the longest day of the year, with the shortest night. In the very north of Sweden, the sun doesn't set at all; known as midnight sun.
Tomorrow & Saturday is the second most important feast in Sweden: midsummer with midsummer's eve tomorrow (in some parts of the world it's called Saint John's eve). 

(= Happy Midsummer!)

A feast where most people want to sit outside to eat the traditional midsummer food, but it has rained on more midsummers than I care to remember!

I had not been to any craft events or meetings for over a year, but I actually went to one day before yesterday. It was sooo much fun, to sit and paint and chat to crafty friends. The five hrs went past way too fast.  😃

Before this get-together I quickly went into Panduro in the nearest town, Lund.

Look forward to paint the feathers on this dreamcatcher!

Love anything swirly!

How cute are the squirrels (ekorrarna)?!

Even if you don't live close to a Panduro store you can get products for sale on their web site.
To my Swedish readers: 
Panduro har nu startat en medlemsklubb, 'We are Panduro', med rabatter, erbjudanden, klubbdagar, mm. Kul!

A couple of art journal spreads since my last blog:

The blingy purple "archy things" are from a Euro store in Ireland (bought them four years ago).  Hot air balloon and flowers from Netto.

Cutouts from a gardening brochure, and some washi tape (yep, I do love purple!!)  😜

A card for a tiles challenge. Dark brown acrylic paint, and gold acrylic through a Panduro stencil. The rectangles that are not gold are from Stamperia.

A card for a birthday. I've chosen to cover the recipient's face. Swirly stamp from Sassafras Lass, and Brilliance silver ink from Tsukineko Archival. The polymer embellishments at the bottom of the photo is from ScrapBerry's, and I painted them with silver color from Netto.

There's another issue out of my favourite magazine No. 1: Daphne's Diary. Love-love-love it!

This is the 50th issue since Daphne started her magazine in the Netherlands!

It always contains beautiful images. I either cut them out or scan them, to use in my journal spreads.

Inspiration in different areas. This is about a creative woman in London that bakes unique cakes.

Here a beautiful shabby chic romantic home in the Ozark mountains.

There're also articles about a woman in Stockholm that does macramé (strings, knots, braiding), a young woman in Santiago who makes makes art with cotton thread, etc. 
The magazine is completely packed with inspiring arty stuff! 
And it has no advertisments!!! Ingen reklam i hela tidningen!!! Unique! That's one of the things that makes me L-O-V-E it!

Wish you all a fantastic midsummer holiday! I'll be taking it easy, my husband's three adult sons (and girlfriends) will come for dinner on Saturday. My husband likes cooking and he's really good at it (I'm not and I would rather clean toilets than cook!)!

All the best!   


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