måndag 4 juni 2018


Well hello out there!
My goodness it is hot here in the south of Sweden! The lawn in our garden is an ugly shade of yellow brownish, been that way for a couple of weeks.... That's how it usually look in July. 
I change the water for the birds at least once a day, and barefoot on the grass it's like walking on straw!

Malta,  May 1st -18

So when we were going to Malta in the end of April, I went to get Daphne's Diary in one of the big newsagent's shops, Pressbyrån, to have a good read on the flight. Happened to run into this very interesting piece, have you seen it??

Had never even heard off it before, but after googling I find it's a big thing amongst scrapbookers, cardmakers and art journalers. Comes from the Netherlands. Maybe you've known about this for ages, but I thought I better blog about it if anyone else has totally missed these beauties, like me!

I actually didn't buy it since it costs 405 kronor in Pressbyrån! That's about 46 American dollars, and 39.45 euros. Which is about the same amount I got as a parking ticket the last time I was at my EDS doctor's clinic.....😡 You can probably find a flow book at a better price on the internet  (I'll go for that). In it are stickers, stationary (brevpapper), labels (etiketter), envelopes, post cards and more.
I thought there were just this one, but oh nooooo!! Turns out there're several - heeeelp!! 

Flow book no 4

No 3  

    No 2

                                              No 1.

There're also a magazine called Flow (239 kronor), from the same Dutch publishers.

"Description: Flow helps readers to reflect in various ways on their busy yet happy lives. Each issue is printed on a special assortment of paper and contains creative inserts, such as coloring in pictures, special notebooks, and handy calenders".

Fritt översatt: "Flow hjälper läsarna att på olika sätt reflektera över sina stressiga men lyckliga liv. Varje nummer är tryckt på speciella papper och innehåller kreativa inlagor, som bilder att färglägga, speciella anteckningsböcker och praktiska kalendrar".

While I'm at it there's also an Australian magazine called Frankie (210 kronor). Yeah, like we need more ideas to spend money on....!!   😬  

I haven't bought an issue - yet!

"Frankie magazine is a national bi-monthly based in Australia, aimed at women (and men) looking for a magazine that’s as smart, funny, sarcastic, friendly, cute, rude, arty, curious and caring as they are. We cover design, art, photography, fashion, travel, music, craft, interiors and real-life stories – we aim to surprise and delight readers with every turn of our beautifully matte pages, and have a good old laugh while doing so".

Så denna australiensiska tidning som finns på Pressbyrån, handlar alltså om: pyssel, musik, inredning, mode, resor och livsberättelser.

Enough of paper goodies to buy for this time! Quite nice to have good magazines if you're going on vacation somewhere though!

Here's a few crafty pieces of mine to finish off today's blogg:

Since it's so very hot I felt like doing an underwater scene. The fish are from a mindfulness coloring book.....  

....and so are the flower and the birds. Bought the Belgian Artemio stencil on Malta.

A summery art journal spread. Most of the stickers are from Netto. 

Ages ago I spent 8 months in Hawaii (Oahu), so this is kind of a memory piece (despite the daisies!)! Unfortunately I don't have any plumeria flowers (you usually see them in leis, de blomkransar man får runt halsen när man kommit till Hawaii).
I led quite a simple life in Oahu; Hawaii (and Alaska) were the most expensive states of all at that time!

Just playing with perfect pearl powders

A whimsical (= 'stolligt') landscape 

Last night ouside our kitchen window.

Wishing you all a lovely creative - and cool - week!


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