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Hello out there creatives!
Hope you are all doing good, and enjoying summertime. Seems to be very hot indeed in lots of countries at the moment. I just watched a magpie (skata) having a bath twice in the garden, in the old icecream tub that I've put out. Makes me laugh, it looked so completely happy splashing like mad, ha ha!

Outside our front door. I adore pink & purple flowers!

Had a horrible dream yesterday before I woke up. It was about my brother, who passed away in July four years ago under shocking circumstances. He was three years younger than me.
Felt very uneasy long after waking up, the negative dream still had me in its grip. 

So I decided to drive over to Panduro's summer sales, located in Center Syd. Good decision! Much to look at in this branch, and as always very nice and helpful staff indeed.

I've been curios about the traveler's notebooks for several weeks. Have watched lots of TN videos on Youtube. Have more & more felt like that is something I'd like to dive into.
So off I went, hoping Panduro would have some traveler's notebooks. They did!!

A beautiful Heidi Swapp one for a very good price! YAYNESS! As you can tell it's iridescent (iriserande, dvs regnbÄgsskimrande). So happy! It has one rubber band inside, and there's an insert (inlaga) with blank pages, quite thick white pages.

I will certainly NEVER buy one with leather covers (or anything else that comes from abusing animals). So bloody unnecessary.

Then I bought a pack with 2 inserts in it, that I thought would fit in the notebook. Unfortunately they are too big. 
The insert that was inside the TN is: 18,2 cm x 10 cm (thus 20,2 cm when the notebook is opened). 
The insert above is 20,8 cm x 10,2 cm. Need to get that exchanged.

There are loads of different sizes when it comes to traveler's notebooks, including passport size!!

As many others I also used to believe that traveler's notebooks were for travelling! Perhaps they were once when it first started.
Maybe you've heard of Midori, which was a brand name; they're now called Traveler's Company. 
What's so great about traveler's notebooks is that you can change the inserts when they're full, just replace the old ones with blank new inserts - and off you go!  😄
I will probably write more about this system in the future.

More goodies from Panduro! The purple sticky notes will come in handy in the traveler's notebook.

I've just run out of both gesso and taperunner. Love the 3 teeny-tiny (pyttesmÄ) acrylic stamp blocks. Will be so much easier to stamp with tiny clear stamps, like grass tufts (grÀstuvor), small stars, etc.

Lastly I found some washi tape in a big box on the floor.

Really like the jar prints!

If you've signed up to be a club memer in 'We are Panduro', you get 20% off on your first buy! I used that discount yesterday
(du fÄr 20% pÄ ditt första inköp efter att du blivit medlem - och det gÀller Àven pÄ rea sakerna!).

Lavender in the garden

Here're some cards and art journal pieces since my last blog. 
This first one is for a neighbour girl who had her 9th birthday!

Loooots of bling...! It was fun coloring the wood veneers with Sharpie markers.

Decoupage with Stamperia rice paper.

Background is Stamperia Aqua Colors spray (redone)

Decoupage with rice paper (bought in Poland).
 Yep, I sure do love purple!

Decoupage with a napkin that I got in a happy mail from London. In the book with handmade paper that I bought in Malta: here!
This book is like made for decoupage (even though it's actually meant to be a photo album)!

Lastly today a 'ghostly' art journal spread.

Bought the fairy die a long time ago in Panduro, it's a Sizzix one. Flowers from Netto. Husband bought me the heart die, which is the American brand Impression Obsession.

Hope you're having a great creative week! I cannot wait do dive into the traveler's notebook! 

All the best!

Ha det fint pĂ„ er!   đŸ’š

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