onsdag 23 maj 2018


Hi there fellow crafters!
Hope you're feeling great and inspired. Feels like ages ago since I last wrote a blog. For about a week I've had a very sore throat, and at times it has felt like I was about to cough up my lungs! Soooo freaking tired of the irritating dry cough day & night. Been drinking hot tea with honey so heavily it almost came out of my ears!

By the way, if you also have a sore throat or similar, do NOT put the honey into the cup right away. You want the antioxidants in the honey and they're heatsensitive. I always turn off the kettle right before it starts to boil, and then wait for a minute or two before pouring the honey in, to let the hot water cool for a bit. Want to make use of the healthy substances in honey when being ill.

Om du känner dig krasslig och tar till te med honung; häll INTE i honungen direkt i det varma vattnet. Antioxidanterna i honung är värmekänsliga. Jag brukar hugga vattenkokaren innan det börjar koka och väntar sedan ett par minuter innan jag häller i honung. Självfallet vill man ha nytta av näringsämnena i honungen, speciellt när man är sjuk.

Some blogs ago I wrote about what crafty things I bought in Malta. Also bought some cool albums that I haven't showed yet. Here we go!

Will turn his into an art journal! 122,50 kronor i en turistshop!! Obviously I will alter the front; the fabric turtles are coming off, and the black text will be covered

Självklart kommer jag att förändra omslaget. Tygsköldpaddorna åker och jag kommer helt att dölja den svarta texten!


All handmade paper

They had different sizes - this one with a handle. Also 11.99 euro (about 10.50 British pounds). Again the turtle has to go!

Might use it as a decoupage album

Have already started to rip off these photo corners, which is easily done.
If you're visiting Malta these were bought in 183 Merchant Street in central Valletta (a main shopping street). It's on the corner across from the popular outdoor seating place Ginger (where we had many many cappuccinos!).  😊

I'm pretty sure Merchant street is this one!

Yesterday was three years since my husband and I got married! He brought home this lovely bouquet! The most thoughtful person I've met, love him to bits!  💖

Pink & purple being my favourite colors!

My latest cards and art journals:

These are mostly cutouts. The leafy die is Rayher.

The two big flowers are cutouts from Daphne's (originally white). Went quite bananas with the liquid pearls!

Tried stamping with the creamy gelato crayons

Cutouts from the coloringbook from Netto that I mentioned in a previous blog. Colored with Sharpies.

Also cutouts from the same 'Garden Mindfulness Colouring book', but this is painted with inexpensive markers from Netto.

This one was in my last blog, but I still didn't like it so I altered it a bit.

Our neighbour's apple tree - love it!

Husband planted 'stjärnöga' outside our front door. Loooooove the colors!!

My favourite Youtuber, Umut Rados, did a fabulous art journal spread the other day that blew me away. Check it out for yourself:  Art journal with panpastel   Such a cool idea of hers!

How I wish lovely May would last at least twice as long....

All the best to you and happy creating!


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