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Came back last night to a green dazzling flowery paradise! Been to Valletta in Malta for 8 days, and green foliage has emerged in Sweden during the time we were gone. 
This is my absolute favourite time of year, Sweden at its best. Wish that May were at least twice as long!

Loooove the scent of the guelder-rose (olvon på svenska), 
it's amazing.

I think the dandelions are beautiful too, don't see it as weed

So from what I found out there're two craft stores in Malta. Hobbyworld Arts & Crafts on top of Constitution street in Mosta, and M.T.S. Arts & Craft in Zabbar. I went to the one in Mosta, where the famous 'Miracle Church' (the Rotunda) also is.

There are buses going all over the island. Be warned though; they all drive like maniacs.....! Certainly not ideal for a person with EDS, especially the times we had to stand up due to the crowd. Was afraid for my unstable joints. 
My husband actually hurt his knee due to completely crazy and jerky driving.

Store was on the very top of the long street, but we finally found it! Had to cover my face with sunglasses for several days, since I suffered a strong allergic reaction. Was grotesque, I looked like a monster. 😱 Extremely swollen face, and my eyes were tiny. Huuuuge eyelids! 

Had to go to a Floriana Health Centre, where I got cortisone and Telfast. Took the last dose today. Hope the feeling of having sandpaper instead of skin on my face will disappear aswell...!
Don't know if an old sunscreen was the villain, or maybe the sheets of the apartement hotel that really smelled of chlorine.

A nice women from Wales was working in this craft store. I got a few bits:

Artemio is a brand from Belgium. Great stuff for my art journaling!

This is Royal Talens from Holland. So inexpensive!!
(probably not really a craft stencil but more of a home decor one)

Adore this stencil from Georgia, USA!! Actually never heard of this brand before, have you? It's Plaid FolkArt. So cool!
Kostade bara 34,50 kr.

Rub-ons were on sale. Really like "gnuggisar", I think they're underestimated!

Love sunflowers (I guess most of us do)!

So easy to transfer onto an even surface. 5,30 kr för ett ark

Beautiful tag stamps from German Viva Decor

Seen many Youtube crafters use these sheets and they seem so practical. Unlike most other crafters I almost never buy things online, so I've never had them. 
Praktiskt att ha eftersom jag brukar sitta och pyssla vid ett gammalt avlutat träbord (and I don't want acrylic paint, glue or other mediums on it!).

Never had UTEE ('extra tjockt präglingsemaljpulver') either. Will be so much fun playing with it!

That was all from the Hobbyworld Arts & Crafts store. Praise to my husband for sticking with me on all my crafty outings!  💙
In Malta siesta seems common, and the stores are often closed between 12.30 to 4.30 pm. Be sure to check that out in advance if you're going to Malta!

We got on a bus in Mosta that took us to beautiful Mdina, 'The Silent City'. About 300 people lives here!

They actually have a 'Flying Tiger' (Danish dollarstore) in Valletta, that's where the graphite pens are from! 2 euro for three pens.

Found the flowers in a tiny shop in Valletta (St Lucia street) that mostly sold religious cards.

Also found a couple of fabulous photo albums with handmade paper that I'll convert into art journal books, will show you in my next blog.
Never went to the craft store in small town Zabbar, southeast on the island, but if you're visiting Malta it's probably well worth a visit. I was glad to get anywhere at all with that scary face of mine!!

There was a Green Festival in Valletta this last weekend. So beautiful! 
Valletta has about 5500 inhabitants. Love the yellowish lime stone that most buildings are made from. It's a very beautiful town, but Old Town Dubrovnik for sure remains my absolute Favourite - that magic place is just unbeatable - check it out:  here!
My husband & I have been in Dubrovnik three times, staying at the fantastic Nije Presa apartment hotel in the old town.

Wishing all of you a wonderful sunny week, with lots of lovely green foliage!

Ha det gott!


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