fredag 11 maj 2018


How I love this time of year, May is so beautiful here in the south of Sweden! 😊 I hope you are all doing very well, and that life is treating you nicely.

Enjoying a 'new' cappuccino here next to my computer. On the flight to & from Malta last week, they served delicious NescafĂ© cappuccino. 
The other day my thoughtful husband found a jar of NescafĂ© cappuccino powder in a store. Don't know if it's the same as on the flights, but it sure tastes good! Aaaaaah, happiness!!  ☕

Speaking of flights; bought the latest issue of Daphne's Diary just before leaving Sweden, so that I could have a good inspirational read on the flight.

So thankful to Youtuber Umut Rados, who presented this magazine in one of her fantastic craft videos - had never heard of it before (it's been around for many years!).

Every issue has such lovely images

Love this cool one!

Like Umut, I also find it very relaxing to cut things out. Perfect images for art journaling.

Yummy! Reminds me that I haven't made smoothies for a while...

Daphne's D is full of surprises. In this No 3 there's a little "birdy book"!!

A while ago I showed you the very cool fashion mindfulness  coloringbook from Netto,  here!
Yesterday I went out for a ride on my bike - and ended up at Netto, hehe he...! Now they're having the coloring books at a reduced price, so I only paid 29,40 kronor for this garden theme one!!

Wanted lots of big flowers, they come in handy in my art journals. Will use this particular book to cut out images (the fashion themed images I'll scan instead).

Last night my husband & I were watching 'House of Cards' on Netflix, so I got right to "work". Sooo much fun!
(By the way, is there any mentally healthy character at all in House of C?! I sure can't find any!!).

From Valletta, last weekend

Been crafting a bit since I got back from Malta last Sunday.

Viva Decor facetten-lack (croco crackling colour), metallic bronze. Wall with plaster-stamp from LeCreaDesign (I bought it in Davona in Prague)

"Wiser" - oh I wish!!

Don't know how many times I wanted to through this one out the window (or cut it up in pieces!)!! Was for a challenge with several prompts. 
Anyways, bought the rub-on sunflower image with frame on Malta (as displayed in my blog from Monday). Fortunately I bought more of these, since they were on sale (so in the future I could use it on a piece that I actually really like!).

Bit of a experiment here, wanted to test priming with white acrylic paint instead of gesso, to see the difference. Fun trying new things, but I'll probably stick with gesso!  
Fairy die is from Sizzix Thinlits. Drove me nuts, before I put waxed paper in it - now it works excellent.

From my bike ride yesterday

Did any of you make the super delicious fetacheese mix, that I wrote about on:  April 27th
A tasty good Friday evening snack!

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions if you feel like it. 

From Valletta

Wish you a wonderful weekend,
with lots of sun, flowers and inspiration!

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