söndag 16 december 2018


Hello out there Crafters!
Hope you are all doing good this third week of Advent. Guess almost all of you are finished doing Christmas cards at this point. I've still got one more to do!

Here are a few more cards since my last blog post.

The two glittery blue diecuts are from Memory Box

Quite a traditional card for my aunt & her husband 
(they've got 3 children and a dog!)

Pink & purple remains my favourite colours!

Diecut with candles is also from Memory Box. The cabochon in the upper right corner is Vivi Gade, bought in Norway (but Danish brand!).
This card is for a young woman from Romania, and I've been writing in Romanian on the other side, using Google Translate. I sure hope the translation isn't completely mad....!!  😼

All the background papers here and above is from Panduro, designed by Norwegian Vibeke Spigseth. Love the tiny birds!

While writing this blog I keep hearing the chirping (kvittrandet) from the birds outside. I so enjoy that happy sound!

We make sure that the 'fluffballs' has food daily, and I also change their water. My beloved husband has built 8(!) bird houses (nest boxes), that he painted today.
There's actually a tiny bit of snow this Sunday.

Nothing like this yet, I took this photo in Febryary!

While it's been lots of fun making Christmas cards, I do look forward to get into art journaling again!

March this year. Why does the snow always have to come after Christmas here in Sweden?!

Hope that you will all have a great week to come!

Thanks for stopping by!

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