tisdag 13 februari 2018


Hello there Crafters!
Thought I'd write today's blog in English, instead of Swedish. Feeling good, with a tub of vanilla cappuccino next to me.  😜 Love the Tassimo coffee machine that my husband gave me for Christmas present a couple of years ago.

How are you doing this Tuesday afternoon? I hope feelings of inspiration is pouring over ya'all!
Last week was bl**dy awful, migraine for four days. Thursday was so bad I couldn't move my a head a millimeter - worst attack for a long while.

Received a wonderful happy mail from England today, feeling so lucky. Included was lots of papers from Stamperia - just looooove their products!  😊

On my way home from the post office I dropped into Netto (the Danish dollarstore). It's actually a grocery store, but quite often they've got crafty things.
This week once again they've got the Tempera colors, but now with three new shades; orange, really black and my new favourite: cobalt blue, YEY (thanks for tip, Ulrika!)! 

250 ml

Did not know if we were going to make it to Copenhagen last Saturday as planned (due to the migraine), but I was thank God free from pain Friday.
Drove over the bridge from Malmö to Copenhagen Saturday afternoon.

The bridge officially opened in 2000

Went for a bit of shopping on the main street called StrĂžget (one of the longest shopping streets in Europe!).
One of many shops is SĂžstrene Grene at Amagertorv, sort of a "nice dollarstore" that sells interior, gifts, office items and much more. They do also have a DIY corner though!
This Danish company also got stores for instance in Iceland, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Japan.

I've bought acrylic paint here before and it works very well indeed. 13 kronor each.

Also found these cute miniature bottles with tiny glittery stars in them. 9,95 kronor.

In case you like decoupage (I love it!) they've got loads of beautiful and cool napkins (9,95 kr a pack). 
Amongst many crafty things there're 3D foam pads, 2,98 kronor for 400 pieces.
Several colors of pearlescent 'effect liners' that you can do tiny 'pearls' with.

In the evening we went to Tivoli, in February this amusement park is dressed up in winter scenes.

Been there before when they've had halloween and christmas theme - always very beautiful.

Children really seemed to appreciate this small maze (labyrint)!

As a Christmas gift my husband gave me tickets to the musical Chess, and that's what we went to see this Saturday night (concert hall located in Tivoli). When one of the main actors sang 'Anthem', I got got gooseflesh all over. Such a powerful voice and beautiful song.

During the play I could at one point feel a tiny tug of my hair. Didn't think more about it since I was caught up in the play. Later I collected all my hair to the side, and to my surprise felt that I had a braid to the right on the back of my head!?! When the musical was finished I turned around to the quite young couple sitting behind us. "Thank you very much indeed for the braid. Did you have a bet going on or something?".
I just laughed but they got so embarrased I almost felt sorry for them, ha ha!

At Tivoli

Have a great week and
happy crafting! 


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