onsdag 21 februari 2018


Hello out there,
Alright, got my mug of vanilla coffee in place, and I've lit the candle next to my computer. Here we go!

I hope you're all doing fine this week. If no protests I'll write in English instead of Swedish, since I've noticed there're readers outside of Sweden.

Today I finally made it to Netto, the Danish dollarstore that are all over the place in the south of Sweden. They get new products every Monday.
Monday we got back from our cottage, drove up there (1 hour and 45 min) on Friday. There were actually quite a bit of snow, haven't seen much of that 'down here'.

My beloved husband!

Saturday was fantastic with the snow and sunshine. We took a long walk in the woods. Revitalizing for body and mind!

The lake had frozen over 


How nice if we could've done some ice skating!

Well, back to Netto! đŸ˜” This week they once again have the same kind of markers that I wrote about in October 2017.

This time they're not divided into four color groups though...... 

.... but as you can tell in pastels, shadows, clear and basic colors. The white one is apparently a "colorless blender". Haven't tried it yet, but that'll be interesting!
They've all got a fine and a broad nib.

I've been looking for new books to do art journaling in. Have been using old text books for quite a while, and wanted something without text.
Well lo and behold, they've got great ones in Netto at the moment!

There're lines in these note books, but I don't mind. The pages are really thick - absolutely fabulous! 😋 There were also black and grey ones in my local store.
Love-love-love'em, and I can't wait to get started in a new one!

Even when I was much younger I loved stores that sold stationery, cards, colored pens, etc. Could spend forever in bookstores!
During the 80's I spent three years in England, and they'd many of these wonderful stores. Even love the smell of paper! 

There're several other types of colored pens at Netto, and also a couple of storage boxes with different levels (that they've had before).

Finally a couple art journal spreads I did last week.

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope" is a quote from "Lady Bird" (the wife of Lyndon B!).

Kept this decoupage spread simple, since I really like the napkin (which was actually sent to me from England, thank you very much!).

A crazy mix of all sort of things!

Love this cute little bridge outside the cottage, the path leading down to the lake

From our garden today!

Since winter solstice they day has become 3 hrs and 5 min longer here in the south of Sweden. YAY!

Will soon be dinner time, then I'll finish a yellow/purple art journal spread - so that I can dive into my new lovely note book!
Longing to create!

Ha en hĂ€rlig pysslig onsdag kvĂ€ll! 

All the best
from Meja  

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