tisdag 27 februari 2018


It's a very windy afternoon in the south of Sweden. The usual tub of vanilla coffe has been substituted for a smoothie this Tuesday. Just felt like mixing fruits together in a blender, 😜 and went to Netto. Nothing new crafty in there this week though.
There were still some of the lovely notes books left that I bought two of last week, perfect for art journaling (as seen in my blog last week).

Storage box also still in the store: 

I bought this a long time ago, but they're back! 

Quite handy!

All winter pictures taken by our cottage in the woodlands.

Been doing a few more art journal spreads.

I've been collecting sentiments in a Gorjuss note book for quite some time. 

Purple (and pink) are my all time favourite colors. Started this on Valentine's Day, hence all the hearts.
The big heart die is from American Memory Box.

Tried to do a little card yesterday. Out of my comfort zone with tiny 15 x 15 cm. I like to work on bigger surfaces.
Made an attempt to do flowers with inexpensive tulle from Netto. Would probably have been a good idea to have brown cardstock underneath the tulle though.
It certainly doesn't go smoothly all the time, it's a trial and error thing for sure!! 😳

Mmmm, love the smoothie! It was made from a banana, orange, pear, physalis, soy milk, broccoli (!), fresh ginger and some turmeric.

Broccoli is actually one of the few vegetables that has got more antioxidants raw. Several vegetables has to be cooked to make the antioxidants available (a known one is of course tomato).

Apart from vitamin C, folic acid (folsyra) and fibres there's hesperetin in oranges. That's an antioxidant that can protect against cardiovascular diseases.

I chose t
he ginger and turmeric for its antiinflammatory effect (I've EDS).

That was all for today, folks! Better stop with the nutrition in case you find it excruciatingly, utterly and mindblowingly boring!!  

I hope the rest of your week will be fabulous!


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