mÄndag 19 mars 2018


Sunshine, yey! How absolutely wonderful! I hope it'll stay sunny all week. Please no more snowing, do you hear me WeatherGods (tie some garlic around my throat and bring me a crucifix, that might do the job!)!  😜 
Hope you had a great start this week, where ever you are out there.
(haul betyder förresten kap eller fÄngst, om det Àr nÄgon som undrar).

I'm not at the German dollarstore Lidl that often, but after a chai coffee (yum yum, like drinking ginger bread cookies!) at a café on Saturday, husband & I dropped into one on our way home. Good decision as it turned out!

Oh yeah, happiness! Get so inspired for art journaling just looking at these. Just under 30 kronor, great price.
I bought similar soft pastels in an art store in Prague, also a good price, but they were 169 kronor for 24 pieces. These type of crayons are great when doing backgrounds.

Found a new notebook to do art journaling in. Blank pages.
The pages are not as thick as the note books from Netto, but I'm used to glueing two pages together to make the spread more sturdy (= stabil). 

For doodling these ones come in very handy. Up until now I've pinched pens from the husband when I need a pen with a very small tip.

My last bargain at Lidl is this punch set, for holes & eyelets.

Only had the manual punch 'pens' from Fiskars before, who makes a lot of noice when using them. Sushi (the beloved cat that died four months ago) used to hate the racket they made! In fact she left the room as soon as she understood that I would use them! I miss her so much.

There were more crafty things in Lidl, this is only the stuff I bought. They've got paint brushes, edgepunches, more color pens and more, so you might want to visit your nearest store, or check out their newsletter. 

Let's hope this will only be a memory; no more snow until Chrismas!

A decoupage art journal I did last week. White ordinary tissue paper on the left side, and Stamperia rice paper (from Prague) on the right.
Cut out the bird to the left from Daphne's Diary. The leafy branch under the bird is a die-cut from Rayher (bought in Riga).

I wish you all a brilliant week!

(if you click on the photos they will enlarge!)

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