onsdag 28 mars 2018


Seriously, enough is enough. We do not want more snow! Easter holidays starts tomorrow with Maundy Thursday, want sun and warm weather.
Wearing my multicolored warm socks, from my aunt in Vermont. Tub of vanilla cappuccino next to me, and the candle is lit. Wind is roaring outside. Brrrrr!

Thank goodness for crafting! Still stuck on art journaling, soooo much fun! Haven't been scrapbooking for ages.
Did this little one a couple of days ago.

Was for a challenge, outside my comfort zone. Chose to only color the fairy's dress, want her to be a little subtle (ville inte att älvan skulle ta över hela bilden så valde att endast färglägga hennes klänning). Next time I might go bananas with glitter on the wings and stuff! Wrote the sentiment myself.  

On March 13th I'd a picture of things I've cut out from Daphne's Diary. Here's "a few": 

The background is a napkin I got in a happy mail from England. Got the cute frog from internet. Tried to find the author to the quote without success. 

Another decoupage spread, in the note book that I bought in Netto. I don't mind the lines. The napkin with the humming birds is also from the happy mail. The purple & pink are Viva Decor's paper soft color
That's my favourite colors, and as I've mentioned before; due to the Chinese philosophy Feng Shui pink is a color of healing, and purple a spiritual color. Quote is from Elizabeth David.

Here's another spread that was for a challenge.

The window die is from Spellbinder. The hat and globe is from a Xcut die, the other images I cut out from Daphne's.
Author to quote is not to be found. 

The piece refers to the fact that I've moved over 40 times since 1981 (yeah, I know!), including five years abroad. For a while I didn't know where I belonged, didn't even feel at home in Sweden. I've settled now (thank God!)! Don't ever want to move houses again, it's bloody exhausting!  😖

Yet another napkin one, love this creature! 

Used gelatos. 

Did this piece last night:

Rose & butterfly napkin and cutouts from Daphne's. Gelatos for the background. Don't know author of quote.

Exactly a week ago husband & I went to a spa at hotel Skansen in Båstad. Sooo relaxing!

Our 24 hrs started off with afternoon tea! Love the white parts of these cookies! 

I spent quite a lot of time in this lovely pool. Something happens to me when I'm in such warm water; feels like I'm completely healthy, like I don't suffer from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome at all! I get so happy! Felt like a child again!
Even did backwards somersaults underneath the water (like I used to when I was younger), which made me completely dizzy, but I persevered and did one at a time. Felt like I was more in control of my body (than when I'm out of water). Haven't had that feeling in a long time. 

The spa also had a tiny pool with even warmer water (38 °C I think) - Heaven!! Above was a 'sky of stars', that changed colors. So cool!

Absolutely fantastic to float in there. How I wish that everybody with EDS or other conditions with chronic pain could have access to something like this every week. 

Before dinner 'virgin pina coladas (no alcohol), by the..... 

....... fire. Cosy and snug!

That was all for now. Sorry this blog is so irregular. Some days pain knocks me out, and sometimes I really have nothing to write about! So it's hard to say what days this blog will be posted.

If I don't "talk" to you soon I wish you all a very

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