torsdag 5 april 2018


Hello out there!
Hope all of you had a lovely Easter holiday. Here in the south of Sweden weather was rubbish. It's supposed to be sunny and nice at Easter!!  😒

Sunset April 1st - 18

Yesterday was a fantastic, sunny & warm all day. Had my afternoon coffee in the garden sitting in the hammock. Aaaaaah! Love to listen to the birds chirp.

If you do art journaling you've certainly noticed how the pages tend to stick together (I sure have!). This is easily fixed by carefully rubbing the pages with a tealight (stearin frÄn ett vÀrmeljus).
Thank you very much for that tip, Mike Deakin!

Did this a few days ago. As most crafters I love all kind of butterflies! I've a problem staying away from the color purple (and pink), love-love-love it!

Here's a little piece from yesterday.

It's for a challenge. Wheelbarrow (skottkÀrra) and sneaker (gympadoja) is from the internet. Branch with yellow flowers from ScrapBerry's (bought in Riga!).

Felt like doing a totally crazy page, and I'd say I succeeded at that! It's mad...!

The crane and some of the leaves are cutouts from Daphne's Diary (a new issue will be out April 17th!).  Leaves with a bit of bling on them from Prima. The black toucan is from Netto, the colored one from the internet! There's also some messing about with gelatos!

Speaking of birds here's a beautiful one taken on the Croatian island Lokrum  (where some of the filming of Game of Thrones took place)

I wrote about steampunk (in Swedish!) in August last year:  hĂ€r
If you're at all interested in steampunk you must check out Verne Industries website:  cool steampunk stuff 

This English man Ian builds the most amazing steampunk machines and devices. I'm completely blown away. Apparently Ian usually has a stall with his fantastic machines at steampunk events in England. Lucky for you Englanders!! Ian also sells stuff, check it out on his site under the label 'Emporium' (=  gammalt uttryck för varuhus). Very impressive to be able to make such fun extremely cool gadgets!

While I've been writing the sun has actually come out. YAY! Can't wait for spring to arrive for certain!

A very old big beautiful tree in Trsteno, Croatia

If you happen to know any craft stores on Malta, please let me know!

Husband just got back from work. I needed a new tooth glass and look what he found!

He knows me so well (and its pink inside!)!

Happy crafting!

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