fredag 16 september 2016


Hi there,
Hope that all of you're having a fantastic day. It's 24° in Sweden this beautiful September Friday. Hot!   

I guess all of us have a special place where we feel completely content and truly happy. A place that makes your heart sing with joy. 
I have a couple of places like that. One is Old Town in beautiful Dubrovnik in Croatia.

My first time in Dubrovnik was in May 2015, and the second in May this year. A couple of days ago my husband booked the third visit - we just can't stay away! Feel so happy thinking about going back in May 2017.

George Bernard Shaw once wrote: 
"If you want to see heaven on earth, then come to Dubrovnik"!

I loooove walking on the smooth marble streets of the walled city of Dubrovnik. 

The old wall in itself is breathtaking. It was constructed during the 12th - 17th centuries!

What a piece of art! It's on the Unesco list of World Heritage sites.
It you have watched the American fantasy drama 'Game of Thrones' you'll recognize Dubrovnik, as it was the main filming location for King's Landing.

My husband & I celebrated our anniversary in the fabulous restaurant to the right, Dubravka, both in 2015 and 2016, at a table overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Magic!

There're lots of cosy cafées and many restaurants in the Old Town - and they have The Best cappuccinos! And believe me, I've done my research on this topic!!  

I feel so at peace at this amazing place. Feel safe (which is not the case in many other cities in Europe).
People are very friendly, polite, the food is delicious and the buildings breathtaking.

On both occasions we have stayed at an outstanding apartment hotel called 'Nije Presa Apartments' in the center of the Old Town, run by lovely Ines.

"Our street"!

The place oozes with old charm (and yet there're both a washing machine and dish washer!). We absolutely love it. 
The door leading into the place is about 400 years old!!

From the kitchen part in the room we stayed at in 2015.

The Old Town truly is a gem. Being there feels like going back in time. Simply adore all the narrow alleys.

There is really nothing not to like in Dubrovnik! I could go on forever about this rare place.

Then of course there's the beautiful island of Lokrum. It only takes about 15 minutes to go by taxi boat from the harbor. Lokrum is a natural reserve. 
Lots of lovely peacocks are walking about all over the place. 

They're unbelievably beautiful.

Because I suffer from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a disease of the connective tissue, my body is very unstable. I fell on some cliffs, and hurt my knee quite bad. At that point this little fellow walked up to me, like he wanted to ask "Are you allright?"!! So cute!  

If you've seen 'Game of Thrones' you'll also recognize this building, at Lokrum. There's an iron throne inside!!

There's also a botanical garden in Lokrum. Sooo much beauty!

If you're planning to travel and want som magic in your life, I can surely recommend Old Town in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

Have a great weekend ya' all!


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